Mass Price Updates are a common phenomenon for online store owners. They are things done from time to time for specific durations. It is a common thing to do because of the lack of stability of product prices. There are a lot of reasons to make use of the mass price update. These reasons include; seasonal or holiday sales, the arrival of new products, change in the price of old products or prices adjusted by manufacturers. It is also very important to the store owner and the customer in order to ensure the existence of a continuous relationship between the customer and the store owner. All product prices on your Magento Price list can be updated in bulk. To ensure success in this competition you need to work faster than other competitors. To ensure success in this competitive market you need to work faster than other competitors.

Product prices change from time to time due to the interaction of the forces of demand and supply and as a store owner, you have to stay at the top of your game to deal with competition. You no longer have to worry about mass price updates of products present on your Magento price list. This tool is designed for quickness, efficiency, and ease.

Every owner of Magento e-commerce deserves to make use of the efficient tool in updating product prices quickly and effortlessly. The best thing to know is that there are a lot of attractive modules for Magento which are in place to help in the management of your store in the most productive way. Now we present to you one of the most convenient ways to use Magento price update for price updates by using our extension.

This article will show you the steps to update the product prices in bulk (many products) in certain categories with the Bulk Price Updater Extension. The module aids in increasing or decreasing the prices of a lot of different products. The prices can be adjusted in flat amount or percentage. You should take note that mass price updates in this article deal with products already found on the Magento Price list and it would serve you well to include all the products on the Magento Price list.

This is an example on the updating of product prices in bulk by 10% off within selected category.

In the Catalog, select the Bulk Price Updater:

  1. Select “price” in Basic Price field;
  2. Choose “price” in the Destination Price
  3. In the Destination Store View, add store view to wherever you want to apply updated prices;
  4. You can select “fixed” or “percentage” amount in Update Type field. In the example we selected “percentage”;
  5. Update Value field should be made up of discount or markup;

    If you plan on reducing the prices, then input the discount; in order to increase prices print markup here.

  6. Under the Price Configuration, navigate to the Products section, click Filters, after this locate Categories and select the category which you are desire to alter, when you are done click Done. We used Women`s category as an example.
  7. After a category has been selected, select the Apply Filters button. This will now display the list of items from the chosen category;
  8. Mark the checkbox of the Assign column to select all the products;
  9. Then tap Update Prices. Now your wholesale prices will be lowered to 10%.

After this, you are done.

If you need detailed information on the Bulk Price Updater extension extension or how to update prices in bulk make sure you how to update prices in bulk feel free to contact us or read our blog posts:
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