One of the most effective security solutions for your Magento 2 store is to back it up. It's a reliable way to restore previous and undamaged versions of the web store in case of problems. Troubles may be different, such as site hacking, accidental or intentional deletion of data, errors due to incorrect configurations or functional conflicts with extensions, hard drive problems, etc.

Magento 2 functionality allows you to back up different parts of the system like file system, media directory, and database. To ensure maximum data protection, we strongly recommend that you store these copies not only on your hard drives but in a Cloud as well.

What is Cloud storage?

Any cloud storage works as a whole generated environment that distributes data saving on a servers' grid. Those servers are often located far from each other. The hosting companies that own the servers manage this environment and are responsible for its quality and uninterrupted operation, customer information storage, and access.

  • According to TrustRudius, Dropbox is one of the most popular leaders among cloud service providers in 2020. The company offers new opportunities for small and large businesses which we'll look through later. Since 2007, the company has grown and today they proved its reliability to more than 14 million users. More about Dropbox, you can find here.

What is file backup?

File backup is a double security that can save your business from unplanned expenses. It’s a copy of your website that can be used to recover a corrupted part of the Magento 2 store or even in case of entire data loss from the hard drive.

To have a full protected backup, you can store one copy locally on the driver and another in the Dropbox cloud storage. Saving data online on servers outside the office would be a smart decision. Backup to Dropbox module for Magento 2 will help you to keep up to date all the backups you’ll have. In the configuration panel you’ll be able to configure making backups automatically, with the frequency you’ll need. You can also set up notifications about new buckups it’ll make.

What are the benefits of using Dropbox cloud for a backup storage?

It’s difficult to overestimate the convenience and reliability of storing the Magento 2 store's backups in Dropbox storage. Here are some benefits:

  • Profitably
  • There's no need to buy physical servers or rent them. You don't need to spend money on its operation and maintenance, setting up your convenient infrastructure for using data on it. Using the Dropbox service, you will pay only for the place you use, but not for renting the entire server.

    Businesses of any size can pick up the necessary volume of cloud storage and the tariff plan corresponding to needs. It will save extra costs and other resources.

  • Reliably
  • Integrity and data preservation are ensured by storage itself even in case of hardware failures due to duplication of data on servers in different locations. A Dropbox support carries out all manipulations concerning reliability, and you aren’t involved in the process.

  • Usably
  • There’s granted access to the previous version of the backuped site 24/7 from any computer that is connected to the Internet. If there's no access to the Internet for some reason, Dropbox synchronizes all updates as soon as it appears. All downloaded files are automatically backed up.

  • Available
  • Dropbox cloud services are available from Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. In addition to accessing data through a browser, users can download the program to their PC for even more positive experience. Besides, there’s an application on the Apple and Android devices. As a result, users can access all the data from a Dropbox account from anywhere and anytime as they want.

Who can use Dropbox?

Both individuals and businesses of various scales can take advantage of cloud storage opportunities. Dropbox offers four different plans for business:

  • “Professional” for just one user;
  • “Standard”, “Advanced”, and “Enterprise” for teams.

If you plan to use Dropbox only for your online store's backups, carefully review the prices on this page to choose the best option for you.

The questions that you must to usk yourself:

  • Should you risk developing an online store without a spare parachute?
  • Do you want to be confident in the future of your online store presents?
  • Should I start to use Dropbox for my backups right now?

We recommend you to spend half an hour choosing the most favorable Dropbox Price Plan and configuring the Backup to Dropbox module for Magento 2 and be always safe, online and offline!


Mageside team.