The First Ultimate Post-Purchase One Click Upsell Tool for Your Magento 2 Store

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core features

Zero Risk to lose a sale

The Post Purchase upsell provides your clients with additional products after they have completed their payment. As soon as they are done with their purchase, they are presented with suggestion of additional products. This reduces the risk of abandoned carts and it is even good enough to avoid losing one single sale. Who doesn’t love Zero risks, zeros risks lead to fantastic sales.

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Flexible Customization

Whatever message is
shown to your clients
and customers goes
a long way. Only you
can decide what
products and message
will be shown to your
customers. Post-Purchase
upsell is made of six
categories regarding
behavioural rules.
Create your customized
and unique rule to boost
your sales.

Only One Click Purchase

Business owners are advised
to simplify the entire
purchase process for the
clients. As simple as a click
is the difference between
a single purchase and four
additional purchases. This
would only be possible if
payment and shipping
details do not need to be
reentered. Making use of
this extension will ensure
that your customers do not
have to reenter all their
details relating to payment
and shipping.

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Payment Processing

The Post Purchase Upsell
extension is compatible with
major payment options such
as: Authorize.Net, Stripe, Braintree, Paypal
and other payment options.
It also goes further to ensure
that in making additional
purchases, customers do not
fill in their details anymore.
The additional purchase will
be processed by making use
of the payment method for
the main order.

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