This article contains information about useful features associated with the shipping activities that our module Canada Post Shipping for Magento 2 allows you to do with easy.

Set up delivery to the post office, pickups the packages by the car, and marking products as non-mailable attributes from the admin panel of "Canada Post Shipping" plugin! It's incredibly easy to do with our module, and I'm here to show you why.

Delivery to Post Office

It may sound a little strange, but doorstep delivery is not always the most popular service among online store buyers. There can be many reasons for that, but this fact exists. Some buyers prefer to deliver their goods to the point and independently pick up the purchases by themselves.

Delivery to the post office may be comfortable, for example, for people with a non-standard work schedule. Or for people who doubt whether they will be at home at the time of the package delivery. So they can choose the right time to pick up their order.

Our Canada Post Shipping plugin will make it easy for your buyer to purchase with delivery to the most convenient post office directly from the admin panel. To do this, we add to our module the option of delivery to the post office.

Next, we'll look at how to customize this feature on your website. First, you should install our Canada Post Shipping extension with the help of our installation guide. It's available on the module page. To customize its functions, the administrator must make configurations on the admin panel.

Go to the Configuration Panel, and in the Enabled Delivery to Post Office section, the admin has to select "Yes."


In this case, the buyer will see the choice of delivery methods after completing his cart. If one of the Expedited Parcel and Xpresspost shipping methods has been selected, the Delivery to Post Office option appears. The buyer can select the required shipping method and click on the Delivery to the nearest post office. After that, the buyer will be offered a map and a list of the nearest post offices, for choosing the most convenient point to pick the parcel.


After all those manipulations, the buyer clicks Confirm. Below will appear in the selected post office.


If the buyer wants to change the selection, click on Change Post Office and choose a more suitable option.


Canada Post Pickups

The delivery of Canada Post has an extremely convenient service that allows customers to subscribe to the pickups of parcels. That is, they can set up one-time pickup or pickups by the schedule. It's very convenient, there's no need to combine goods for a specific weight of the order because there are no minimum volumes for on-demand parcel pickups. They can define the time for pickup parcels (daily or weekly), and the driver will pick them up and bring them to the business locations. Of course, the pickups time is wholly configurable, and admin can change it at any time.

To create a pickup go to Sales -> Canada Post -> Pickups -> “Create Pickup”


Here's admin should fill up all fields in Contact Information block.

  • To enable Business Address, click "Yes"
  • Type a contact name in the Contact Name fields
  • In the Email field, specify the email address
  • Necessarily type contact phone in the Contact Phone field
  • In Telephone Extension type telephone extension
  • To receive an update, click "Yes" in the Receive Update field

In the Pickup Details block, there are three required questions to do:

  • In Five Ton Flag and Loading Dock Flag select "Yes" to enable
  • Pickup Instructions field is used for specifying the instructions for the driver

Parcel Characteristics block contains Priority Worldwide Parcels, Priority Parcels, Returns Parcels, and Heavy Parcels bar buttons, and to enable this or that feature, the admin should click "Yes."

In Pickup Volume field admin should specify the expected number of items to be picked up and some additional information about them if needed.


Pickup Time block helps to specify the necessary information.

Admin should choose the date of a pickup in Date of Pickup calendar. In Preferred Time admin can specify the preferred time of a pickup. Specify the Closing Time of Business is created for specifying the closing time.

Payment Details block required Contact Id and the Method of Payment ("account" or "credit card"), which can be inserted in the appropriate fields.


Non-mailable Attributes

Canada Post Shipping extension allows the admin to identify some of the store's products as non-mailable attributes. If the customer adds such a product to the cart, then the checkout page will warn him that the Canada Posting shipping isn't available for this product.

If you need to configure this option, the admin can go to the configuration panel, and in the non-mailable attributes field, select Non-mailable. Non-mailable_Attributes Then, go to Products configuration -> select a necessary product -> enable the option “Non Mailable” -> “Save”.After these manipulations, the customer will see an appropriate warning in checkout.


Does your Magento store work with Canada Post Delivery? Think about the benefits of using our module and install it now here.