Delivery services are one of the most valuable components of any online selling process. There are a large number of companies that want to provide a delivering service from the sellers to their customers. Canada Post Corporation is one of the most recognized companies in the world. It has been successfully providing service since the 1960s.

In the shipping company is vital to keep an eye out for every small detail and one of such things is shipping label. Here we want to tell more about it.

Shipping LabelMageside.Magento.CanadaPostShipping250x250_2 is a small but obligatory component of any package. In fact, this is a paper label that attaches directly to the container or box and indicates its contents. Often the parcel is checked during carriage. Especially if the package has to cross one or more boundaries in its path. In this case, to prevent unplanned unpacking, you should check that the content on the label provides all the necessary information that the verification may require. Ideally, the information on the shipping label should contain complete details to each participant of transferring the package, from the supplier to the buyer.

Usually, each carrier (UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, DHL, Amazon, etc.) uses its own label template for parcels, due to the peculiarities of the processes within the shipping company. Each of them works with particular types of work optimization and customized labels for this. By the way, did you know that these labels could be reviewed not by humans at all? Yeah, it's true! Often, such work is trusted to robotic systems. That is why labels may differ from each other a little, but the standard rules that must be followed are all the same.

ThereMageside.Magento.CanadaPostShipping250x250_1 is necessary information that usually goes with parcels, and on the label, it can be truncated or expanded. For example, by using MaxiCode, you can include all the information you choose. This public code system is created to read by machines. It can consist of Ship To Address, Purchase Order Number, Recipient Name, invoice, and tracking number, an indication of the originating carrier (ship name and address), customer reference, country code, service class/level, date, the weight and number of the package, etc.

Most information the customer enters in the electronic forms on the site, and the other part can be generated automatically. There are specific general rules about the label size. The vast majority of online stores use the 4" x 6" standard shipping label.

The shop that uses the services of an individual company is required to adhere to the established algorithm of filling information following the requirements of the selected company. However, there is one rather obvious and straightforward need - everything that is on the label should be accessible to read with ease.

Creating Shipping Labels

Immediately after the customer made his order on your site and chose the delivery option offered by the Canada Post Shipping module for Magento 2, the administrator can begin to manage this order.


The admin of your store can now easily create a shipping label for the Canada Post parcel from the admin panel without extra help. In the Orders, admin should select the required order by clicking on "View". Then go to the "Information" section -> "Ship".


Here the admin should find the Shipment Options and place a checkmark in front of the "Create Shipping Label". Admin can select an existing Manifest for the shipment from the dropdown list. In this list are shown the manifests in "pending" status. But this dropdown will be shown only if you are a contract customer of Canada Post and the contract id information was specified. Then the admin can click to "Submit Shipment."


The admin can create one or more packages. Just filling all the necessary information, click “Add Products to Page” and “Save”. After that, the success message will be shown.


To view all the created parcel(s) you can in the “Shipments” section.


Click to “View” -> scroll down to the Shipping and Tracking Information section. To see package information click on “Show Packages”.


Click “Print Shipping Label” for each package.


Manage Manifests

We should remind that working with manifests only applies to “Commercial” contract customers of Canada Post.

To operate with manifests admin should click to Canada Post Manifests -> Manage Manifests -> select a shipment manifest-> click “Transmit Shipments.


After that, the shipments on the specified manifest(s) will be transmitted. Next, click “View” Manifest.


To print a manifest click the “Print Manifest” button. You will get a manifest.


Estimated Shipment Price

The admin can retrieve shipment price from a previously created shipment. The shipment price can be estimated according to configuration settings - Quote Type:

Commercial - will return the discounted price for the commercial customer or Solutions for Small Business member.

Counter - will return the regular price paid by consumers.


Void Shipments

This action can be made to delete a shipment prior to transmitting. Making this call indicates that the previously printed label otherwise not be used. For example in case of it is spoiled or contain a mistake.

As an alternative to voiding a shipment, you can exclude it from a transmit request. In such case, it remains active for inclusion in a subsequent transmit request.

To void shipments go to Manifests -> Select necessary shipments -> In Actions field select “Void Shipment”.


With our Canada Post Shipping for Magento 2 you can easily create shipping labels, and manage manifests, void shipments, and estimated shipping price and more! Try the plugin now or you can read more in the articles: