How to prepare Magento 2 store for sales campaign?

Almost every sales campaign in an online store has its reason. It can be a seasonal event, a product list update, or holiday time. Since the most spooky holiday of the year, Halloween 2022, is on the way, we’ll try to help you prepare your store functionality for this special occasion. But all the helpful advice from this article is universal to any online store any time.

A sale campaign is more than just changing the price tag of a product. It includes a large number of analyzes and actions before and after the period of discounts. It’s best if you prepare beforehand for unforeseen problems that may occur, such as shopping days driving you over your peak or some miscalculation in dates or prices. We recommend you to pay attention to such pitfalls and prepare your Magento 2 store for the shopping period.

  • Mageside has created a Sale Category PRO module for Magento 2 stores where admins don't have to manage products prices manually! They could set up predefined products using simple configuration and control which of them they should show or not. Read about extension features in the article "Sale category PRO extension for Magento 2."
Sale Category PRO extension with features

How to prepare your online store for the shopping discounts?

The best way to prepare for this sale is by following these simple steps. However, you’ll need a lot of patience and good luck if your organization hasn’t planned properly because even one tiny mistake could ruin everything!

  1. Choose a specific strategy. In other words, to understand what discount methods an online store should pick and actively use. These can be total discounts for the entire range of products/ discounts for a particular group of goods/ discounts only when buying two or more products, etc. Before Halloween, people scour online, looking for different kinds of decorations, costumes, and all sorts of sweets. Given the popularity of these products, you can set discount terms where the buyer will either buy more products and enjoy pleasant bonuses, for example, "2 products + 1" where "1" has a discount, etc.
  2. Сhoose which products are not going to have a promotional price. Only some products from your store may be sold at a discount. Most often, outdated goods from the last season are already stale on the shelves and have a low customer demand due to the modern Halloween trends. Yes, you do not misunderstand that holidays also have trends and fashion aspects. Different characters for Halloween costumes may be popular depending on movies or mood of the year; Halloween is also presented in specific colores preferences, like canonical orange, red, and black. Try to separate your products and use a discount on less popular ones to sell them as soon as possible during the Halloween preparation period.
  3. All discounted products must be added to a separate Sale category, even if these products belong to different groups. It’s necessary for time saving and convenience in sales management. Moreover, holidays such as Halloween repeat yearly, and this group of discounted products will be relevant in the future. The administrator can easily manage discounted products from the admin panel using Sale Category PRO for Magento 2. The product filters appear in Sale Category PRO for customers to easily find desirable products. No programming knowledge is required from the admin.
  4. Create a convenient tab in your online store, "Products with a special price," or use keywords for a holiday. Thus, when going to the online store, the user will immediately be able to see the words "discounts," "sale," "spooky season," or "DIY Halloween." You can make a separate filter according to different criteria for a quick and easy search in this category. For example, “garden decorations”, "kids' costumes", "candles", etc.
  5. Make sure the online store's appearance during periods of discounts is appealing. Designing it with a Halloween theme will not only help you draw more customers, but also sets up an appropriate mood that makes shopping easy and fun! You could use banners or other advertisements featuring phrases like "trick-or–treat" in order to advertise any upcoming holiday sales on your site too."
  6. If you want to attract new and regular customers into your store, it's important to work closely with your online store marketing team ahead of time. If you don't make them aware of what's going on in advance, they'll miss out on all the discounts! The most popular ways to tell about seasonal offers: are outdoor advertising, social media, newsletters, and advertisements on other sites. The ideal time to warm up buyers before the shopping period is 2-1.5 weeks in advance.

However, remember that earning the target audience's love is challenging using only discounts and promotions. An equally important aspect is the provision of quality service and products.

How to make product catalogs more convenient for buyers?

The catalog is a list of all products from your store. Those lists should be user-friendly. After all, the convenience the catalog leads to. To make your product catalog stand out, you should always keep it simple. A bright and understandable design with photos and a short description will help customers remember what they're looking for in their browsing experience. The ideal catalog with discounted goods should be formatted as follows:

  • Clear and understandable information structure. The product's catalog should be easy and intuitive to use. The customer doesn't want a complicated search, he just wants information on what you have available at the moment in stock along with any discounts or deals that might apply.
  • More free space and "breathing" in design. Instead of a chaotic mess, make your product more appealing and easier to browse, and display all information about it on its own page. Give shoppers the ability to scroll through pages of items without getting overwhelmed by seeing everything at once. It will allow customers to study each product individually before making their decision.
  • Attractive product photos. The best way to ensure the success of your catalog is by making sure it has high-quality photographs. Sometimes sellers even use 3D models in order to showcase items from different angles!

In addition, remember that the client must receive comprehensive information regarding all the conditions for discounts and sales. Providing these conditions at the top of the current assortment is better. It allows the client to study the proposed conditions carefully and, based on this information, proceed to the procedure of searching, selecting, and ordering goods online. The power of discounts: How to increase traffic and sales?

We hope this article will help you understand how to prepare your online store for successful discounts. We know it can be challenging, but with our Sale Category PRO module for Magento, securing a successful campaign will become easier than ever before!

Have an enjoyable holiday season and lots of sales!