Top 10 Extensions To Improve Your Sales On Magento 2 Online Store

Magento has undoubtedly established itself as an easily extensible and flexible platform for eCommerce websites. Everyone can add almost any functionality to an online store even without specific coding skills. That's why so many businesses, from large to local, choose Magento as their backbone. We have compiled a short checklist of quick ways to increase sales in an online store based on Magento by using these ready-to-use software solutions.

Council №1. Sell More items per single customer

How to do it:

1. Check out the Post Purchase Upsell module.

This extension allows you to create sets of complementary products to offer your customer. For example, when a person buys a water purification system, you can sell him an additional set of filters at a discount. Thus, the client gets the device and several other items for a single purchase and increases the average bill.

This module conveniently helps sell out stocks of slow-moving goods, placing them with a bestseller or popularizing new products because it offers them together with a seducible price. Package offers are also suitable for these purposes. Earlier, we talked about the PPU features more.

2. Use the ready-to-use module SMART RELATED PRODUCTS.

It will help you create a block with related or cross-linked items on the admin side of the website. You set up rules for products to display, which means that users can see more options in similar positions, and they may be interested in more expensive product options. Cross-selling, upsell, related products are effective techniques for increasing the average check.

Council № 2. Arrange promotions and sales for your Magento store.

How to do it:

1. Take a look at the PROMOTION MESSAGE module.

Promptly notify customers about "hot" sales and promotions. Do not forget that your offer must be the tastiest on the market. Probably for today, this is the first thing the user pays attention to. It is no secret that the consumer constantly compares prices and chooses the most advantageous offer. Offer a discount to your customer on their first purchase, and you are guaranteed success. If you are not using this marketing tool, your online store is losing some revenue.

2. Install the SALE CATEGORY PRO module, and place the current promotional offer in separate categories.

Buyers will not care which company they turn to receive a bonus. Therefore, offering unique promotions will set you apart from other companies. If the user has already entered a specific category, promoting its products encourages them to purchase faster. An attractive special offer, a good discount or a gift, will NOT make people indifferent.

3. Download the SALE COUNTDOWN extension.

It makes it possible to display the duration of the special offer. Sometimes the buyer must feel pressured to make a decision. Otherwise, he will most likely postpone the order indefinitely and forget about it after some time. Such discounts do not require any particular reason. They just encourage customers to make a favorable decision about a purchase much quicker. That's why companies actively use this kind of promotion as part of their marketing campaigns.


Council № 3. Build loyalty.

How to do it:

1. Apply the PRODUCT SAMPLES module, allowing customers to receive a bonus in the form of a new product sample.

It will be a free treat for your customer. There are many options on how to use it. Therefore, there are many benefits to be gained from this extension. Customers can try what they buy before purchasing. This way, people trust your store and know what product is right for them. Therefore, customer loyalty is growing.

2. Install the MULTIPLE CUSTOM FORMS module to allow people to leave an opinion about your store, product, service, etc.

Polls, as a sociological tool, are still actively used in the digital environment. Quizas offered a worthy alternative to the "leave a review" option. Consumers are quickly drawn to game formats if they are well designed.

Identifying the needs of the customer is the basis of a successful sale. It is easier to present a product based on survey data. Surveys are the golden fleece for marketers. Stores use it to segment the audience to create a personal offer for each part. Thus, you will receive feedback, increase customer confidence, and improve the reputation of online stores with this MULTIPLE CUSTOM FORMS module.

Council № 4. Improve the user experience on the Magento website.

How to do it:

1. If you want to expand the navigation on your website and allow visitors to search for the information more quickly, you need to have the PRODUCTS FINDER SOLUTION module.

Filters can seem like a small and insignificant part of the website. But in reality, the thoughtful filters provide a seamless shopping experience. It helps buyers find the products they need and, of course, saves time.

2. Install the ONE PAGE REVIEWS module to send customers a reminder email to leave feedback on purchased items.

What can be more stimulating than the example of others?

For instance: before making a purchase, the buyer wants to know the opinion of others who have already purchased a similar product or service. Nowadays, much fewer people believe in the advertisement and description from the seller only. Another thing is the personal experience of people who have already used this thing. When shopping online, you cannot hold the product in your hands and look at it, so in this case, the recommendation of previous buyers can be the key to increasing sales.

3. Install the SHIPPING MATRIX RATES module so that your customers see the correct shipping prices depending on the shipping method they prefer. Convenient, isn't it?

All our modules will help you to interact with WEBSITE visitors more competently. By using these recommendations above, you would be able to create the foundation for long-term and confidential communication with customers, and as a result, these relationships could increase sales.

A returning customer is your everything!

Ensure that your on-time customers turn into regular ones. A regular customer is a person who already trusts you and often advises your online store to his friends and family. There are many ways to increase sales.

We've also created many other extensions to enhance your Magento store. You can get acquainted with them HERE. If you need help with installation or advice, then write to us, we are happy to help you.