To fulfill your dreams and succeed, you need a certain level of good health. Now, it is considered fashionable to be healthy. A lot of people are today concerned about fitness, getting organic food, diet recipes, and choose eco products.

recipe_example2 The scientific and technological revolution of the previous century has led to the expansion in product variety, and also made them more affordable. Humanity has achieved this and get used to it quite quickly. However, people have now come to understand that one of the most critical features of food is its quality. Our food defines us, and it is very vital to eat the finest. It impacted on today's health of everyone and even on future generations. In practice, a lot of people are ready to pay more to get healthy and high-quality food. Eco-products and superfoods are far from new. It is fashionable today to overlook health more seriously.

Not surprisingly, however, you will find numerous markets offering customers with organic foods. As long as demand exists, there will also be sales. The healthy food niche is steadily expanding. According to statistics, sales of pure products are continuously growing every year.

ecipe_exampleDo you desire to increase sales on your website? Sure, you do! It means that your mind obsessed with reading up on new ways to sell more. If you own a grocery store or you sell some other products which in combinations can create something beautiful and original - install "Recipes and Ingredients" extension.

This module allows you to create a receipt, upload cute pictures to it, share on mass media, and moreover. It also enhances product categorization and website navigation. It works like this: after logging into the website account, the customer sees a receipt with some tasty dish. All required ingredients already gathered and calculated, and can be added to the basket by a single click. Make sure that all these ingredients are available in your store.

Another example:

The customer is located on the product page of "Basil." Among initial information about the product, the customer also sees the list of receipts with this fragrant plant. After a quick view of the recipe, the user can buy all ingredients instead of "Basil" alone. Pleasant user experience is a bonus to your buyers' loyalty.


Of course, you can also create your unique receipt book, sharable, and discussed. Your task is to make the client engaged and happy as a result. Take care of your auditory and try to create healthy habits together. The same as at Mageside, we are exiting to help our clients to increase sales and grow their businesses.

If you don't know how to use the "Recipes and Ingredients" extension or you need more information, don't hesitate and ask our support team.

We are happy to consult - its fee!

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