Abandoned shopping carts are e-commerce shopping carts in an online store where a customer “puts off” the goods that were selected for purchase. And that's means that the person does not complete the purchase. It is a persistent e-commerce issue.

According to Statista , over the past year, the number of abandoned shopping carts was more than 69%.

Can you imagine how much the stores have lost?

Our team found reasons why there is such a large number of abandoned shopping carts. Perhaps this will give you the right clues that will help stimulate the buyer to complete the purchase.

So, the top reasons why the buyer leaves the cart are:

  • technical problems (unadapted site, poor usability);
  • According to some research, a company loses up to 50% of potential customers due to poor site usability. As well as 40% of users who have received negative experience, will never use this site again.

  • inconvenient method of payment, intricate registration processes scare customers;
  • problem with delivery, unexpected additional costs are one of the factors left carts;
  • the buyer finds more profitable purchase options;
  • doubts about the security of payments;
  • The reasons for the lack of trust: the site is little known, the quality of the design is poor, the lack of information about the product warranty, the lack of information about the owner.

  • the buyer needs time to think about the purchase, and he is not ready to make a decision quickly, this is the case when the cart becomes a wishlist.

Therefore, we can easily track that the reason could be not only in the human factor but also on the website issues.

How to stimulate the customer to complete the purchase?

To reduce the number of abandoned carts, we would recommend you to do an in-depth analysis of your online store first. Perhaps, you need to complement or improve the process of buying for your products. Our Facebook Pixel Integration module will save you time and help you deal with problems.

Also, marketers say that the fewer steps a user takes when buying, the higher the chance that the product will be purchased. Do you guess why everything is happening that way? The answer is straightforward: people do not want to complicate their lives more. Therefore, if the checkout process is simple , it increases of completed purchases.

By the way, do you know what trigger letters are? It is a series of messages for the holding and return of the buyer. Often, business owners use them as a useful tool for working with interested customers. Because according to statistics, 20% of abandoned carts are still possible to reanimate. Everything is in your hands. Use the module Email to customers to establish a personal connection with every customer of your store.

There is nothing impossible, isn't it?

Each cart which was left can be an extra profit for your store. Let's wisely use life opportunities. The cart is a tool to increase the conversion of your store. The main thing is to apply it correctly.

Our team is ready to provide you with additional information about Magento extensions. That will help you not only to return customers to the store but also to expand the target audience and increase the number of sales.

Mageside works for making your online store even better, and your business more successful. Do you have any questions regarding our modules? Write to us right away, and we will be happy to help you.

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