fritter Coronavirus makes its adjustments in people's lives and business development. Online shopping has become more relevant than before. We all must adapt to these new conditions. In a pandemic, people do not have the opportunity to go to their favourite cafes, restaurants and shops. There is a need for a permanent stay at home, self-cooking and as a bonus, online shopping.

Right now, it is necessary to adapt the business to the needs of this time. It is a distinctive sign for online grocery stores owners.

Pay attention to the basic needs of customers:

  • concern for security about their payment and other personal details;
  • smooth operation through the online store;
  • easy navigation.

How to become #1 on practice in competition with other online grocery stores?

  • provide the buyer with ready-made solutions;
  • collect food packages in agreement with the recipes;
  • offer detailed cooking instructions.

What could be even better for a person who doesn't know how to cook? Or wants to have fun and be more creative in the kitchen?

If you already own an online food business, you only need to take one step. Download the Magento 2 Recipes and Ingredients module.

Imagine that bachelor John would like to make lasagna, but he had never done it before. You, as the owner of online grocery stores, could offer him a recipe for this dish. And also, allow purchasing products for cooking in just one click.

It looks easy, right? As the client does not need to search each product separately to prepare a dish, he could try another one. And buy the whole pack of supplies from you in another click again because it's just so easy.

The Recipes and Ingredients module allows the buyer not only to make purchases quickly but also:

  • leave feedback;
  • filter recipes;
  • share links to his Facebook, Twitter and Google.

pancackesWe suggest you familiarize with the unique functionality and additional features of this module in detail. Clients will appreciate your concern and the innovations of conducting a business strategy. With the Recipes and Ingredients module, you increase the volume of each customer's shopping basket because you sell ready-made food packages for a specific recipe. And of course, your profit is growing.

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