Top ways to optimize the checkout page on Magento

Magento store owners mostly pay more attention to its design, product pictures, and the user's path. But sometimes, they ignore the checkout page as one of the promising tools to increase conversion.

Inconvenient order forms affect the conversion. The user closes the tab and goes to the competitor's website because he does not want to spend his time filling them. To avoid losing a client, you need to create a user-friendly and understandable checkout page. It should be tested and improved once again if you already have it.

In this article, you'll find ideas to streamline your checkout process and reduce cart abandonment percentage. All perfect lies in simple things. Therefore, the clearer and more convenient the last order page is, the more likely the user will finish this order at your store.

In some cases, a person will make his way through a multi-level quest to place an order. But this will most likely be an exception rather than a pattern regularity. For example, if you have the best price offer or when the right product is only available in your store. But even in this case, the potential client's patience can come to a limit, and if so, he will never return. You should respect the user at every step of interaction if you want the customer to continue making purchases in the store. Respect by the company always translates into customer loyalty. That is why we are analyzing options for optimizing the Magento store.

Top 9 Ideas to Optimize Your Checkout Process

Placing an order without mandatory registration

It is always more convenient to work with registered customers. You can offer them various promotions, set up an individual discount, etc. But, as a rule, for a buyer, registration is a tedious process that people do not want to waste time on, even if it takes only 3 minutes. Why don't you relieve your customer of this need? How to do it: the buyer adds the product to the cart in the usual way. After clicking the "Checkout" button, he will see the option to log in and continue placing an order without registration.

Combine all the checkout steps on one single page

Make sure that one-page checkout is suitable for the specifics of your business. And after implementing this idea, every additional page in the checkout phase increases the chances of losing this order.

Removing unnecessary order form fields

What is more important to you? Collect a considerable amount of redundant information about a customer or sell a product? Ensure that the customer does not need to fill out long order forms. It is one of the factors why customers leave the basket without leaving a request for an order. Our company has developed a particular module, ONE PAGE CHECKOUT PRO, which allows you to modernize the ordering process by reducing the application fields to the most necessary ones.

Gift wrapping and congratulation messages

People are constantly buying gifts for relatives, friends, and colleagues. And sometimes, there is no time to "bother" about their packaging. Therefore, this option can be more beneficial for your clients than ever. You can even invite customers to write a gift message for the goods. Interesting idea, isn't it?

Comment on the order

The client can write a comment on the order if he has any wishes, for example, about assembling a bed, installing doors, etc. This option complements your checkout page and once again shows customers your care.

Offer discounts

It is a crucial pricing tool that stores use to influence customer behavior. The system of discounts is a valuable and flexible marketing tool for any company.

Terms and Conditions

This information is necessary both for the store and for the customers. The agreement terms between the parties guarantee purchase reduction of legal risks. It's the page with the essential details of the interaction between the store and the customer.

If the buyer still left the checkout page

Sometimes it's almost impossible to hold down a customer to the end of placing an order. In cases when they were not too interested in buying from the very beginning. It is Okay. However, working with the audience that left the order can bring results. Sometimes all it takes to convert a departing visitor into a repeat customer is a little incentive. An email return strategy can help you with this.

Payment Methods

Customers need to know all the possible payment methods. Most online stores prefer to combine several options for accepting payments and provide the buyer with two essential advantages: choice and comfort. It can prevent the number of abandoned carts. Therefore, offer your customers convenient and fast payment options for their purchases.

Give feedback

Before buying anything, a potential customer reads all the reviews for a particular product. Sometimes it even becomes a decisive factor in choosing a product. In addition, you understand what is worth working on to improve your store's service. That is why buyers need to share their opinion on the perfect purchase. It is precious to have a lot of reviews.

The checkout page has a noticeable impact on the user's opinion about a particular online store; therefore, while developing it, ensuring that the page is convenient and as informative as possible.

Can you imagine yourself as a customer of your store? Check how easy it is to fill in all the fields and place an order. Be sure to include essential controls, arrange them in an intuitive sequence, don't overload the page with unnecessary information, and don't forget to thank users for ordering. Thus the results won't keep you waiting long.

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