Would you like to increase the sales of your online store even more? SEO support may not be enough. Every Internet user is concerned about the convenience of the resources that he uses. That is why we recommend the particular extensions to make order shipping as easy as possible for every side of the deal. It improves store functionality, and it simplifies the purchase process in general.

Every online store that distributes goods should think about the variation of shipping options that the store can offer for customers. Such shipping extensions could instantly calculate the shipping price and term of every order delivery. So, let's take a closer look at the features and capabilities of these Magento 2 modules.

Top Magento 2 shipping extensions by Mageside Team

  • Shipping_matrix_rates_module To significantly increase the conversion of a site, you could provide a customer with the opportunity to choose the method of delivery. Create exact tariff ranges depending on the country, destination, region, product weight, price, quantity, product groups, and other parameters. The client receives reliable data on the price and terms of arrival with ordering items.

    This module helps to avoid unnecessary costs. And above all, it helps to build logistics solutions for your business. So, this module is one of the most convenient delivery calculators. It provides every level of calculation complexity.

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  • Advanced_delivery_estimate Successful business owners usually use this extension as an addition to the SHIPPING MATRIX RATES module. You can easily create a plan for the delivery of a shipment. And also fully control the operation of your delivery service, based on the capabilities of that extension (working hours, number of couriers, transport).You choose how many orders you can process at a particular time and days to make shipping goods.

    Thanks to planning, you minimize incorrect delivery terms. That delivery is carrying out clearly at the prespecified time, and buyers appreciate it. Similarly to the previous module, this one is easy to configure by using a CSV-file.

  • Canada_post_shipping_moduleThe extension displays all delivery options and all prices calculated in real-time from Canada Post. It is one of the most successful options for automating the entire process of the package delivery and tracking parcels using a tracking number. More information about this extension: How to configure CANADA POST SHIPPING module for delivery to the Post Office and other useful features.

  • Custom_shipping_price Typically, the delivery options have limitations because of the predetermined methods. This extension allows you to edit the delivery price according to your needs without any problems. It is convenient when you place orders by phone. For example, the shipping price can be readily adjusted for each client individually. Thus module is more useful in case you need a flexible cost of delivery.

    In conclusion: the process of tuning up Magento 2 modules is different from one to another. But you can find more information about their functionality and specific installation details for each of them here . Or write to us, we are always staying in touch;)