Marketers come up with a ton of innovative promotions to attract and retain customers. And it is understandable why this happens because a well-planned action can make a person drop everything and rush shopping.

Discounts are a classic way to attract customers, so they will always work. It is used by large stores, small businesses, beauty salons, restaurants, and even street retailers.

The "red price tag" attracts the attention of every visitor at the store. The demand is growing with the lower price of the product. The human brain works like this: we are always looking for benefits and opportunities to "save money."

Usually, the discount is timed to coincide with some important event. For example, on pre-holiday days, there is a dynamic decline in prices. Remind about spring discounts on warm clothes or decorations for winter holidays.

Sale is the most common type of promotion that you can find on brands' social media pages. It gives potential buyers an excellent and quick response, especially on the eve of the holidays, when everyone is looking for the best deal.

10 common reasons to organize promotions:

  1. Attract new customers at the stage of promotion;
  2. Prepare the store for the holiday period;
  3. Reward the most loyal customers;
  4. Stand out from competitors;
  5. Increase the average check in the store;
  6. Warm-up buyers" interest in the store by entertaining them with new shopping conditions;
  7. Remind about your store and product range;
  8. Increase the income of the store;
  9. Prevent damage of goods;
  10. Get rid of stale goods.

Earlier, we wrote about *Top-5 Magento 2 modules doing Black Friday as a Pro* , and today we would like to talk in more detail about what types of promotions are top-ranked for promoting your business online.

TOP 12 promotion techniques for online store

Seasonal sales

Seasonal sales are an excellent reason for selling stale goods, old collections of clothing, appliances, household chemicals, and everything else.

Happy hours

Such innovative sales ideas are much more effective than just discounts. Identify the deadliest hours of your store (when there are minor visitors) and turn them into the happiest ones.

Discounts for certain categories

Sometimes, special promotions apply to specific categories of goods, like discounts up to $ 100 on "doors," etc. The scale of discounts is developed not for one product, but for a whole category of products, sales volume needs to be increased.

That is, we can say that this promotion is aimed at the interest of a particular segment of the audience. Such promotions you can quickly launch with a ready-made solution, such as the Magento 2 Sale category module.

Referral discounts

It is an excellent promotion if the company's budget is minimal. "Bring a friend and get a discount." At the same time, the referred client must make a compulsory purchase and not just create his account. The action does not require significant investments, and the result is almost instantaneous.

Personal discounts

The client can receive beneficial offers for his birthday or a child's birthday (for example, from an online store of children's toys). Registered users can be offered discounts on products they were interested in but haven't bought yet.

Volume discount

It is a kind of discount that encourages people to buy goods as an economic incentive. Volume discount is an exciting offer for customers, implying a price reduction for buyers who purchase goods in bulk.

It is given to the client when buying products of a certain large amount. Quite often, it's the sale of complex packages and medical programs.

Action discount

Repost, show it to the administrator, and get a discount. Familiar phrases? This action is viral now among young people. Its main task is to start a chain reaction in social networks and increase the reach of a potential audience.

Related goods

The sale of related goods as a single set is an offer that can be at a price that will be lower than if the customer buys them separately. We can say that here the store decides several problems with one action:

  1. increases conversion;
  2. increases the average check;
  3. carries out additional sales.

Also, quite often, an offer with related products is offered after the prior purchase. If you want to launch a similar promotion with relevant products, you may be interested in Smart Related Product, PPU, One page checkout pro modules.

Discount with motivation

Each manager of your company should always have an answer to the question: "Why should customers buy from you right now?" If they don't, you won't be able to motivate buyers to make a quick decision.

To create motivation for the client, offer him purchase on some bonus terms. The tools for motivating customers can be a gift, a special offer at a reduced price, special conditions for a second purchase, additional functionality, early booking for a product, etc.

For example: offer a purchase with discounts if a person decides to purchase a product on your website within 10 minutes. Do you like this idea? Use the Sale countdown module to launch a similar promotion in your store.

Gift for a purchase

"Gift for a Purchase" aims to increase sales and earn as much as possible on the product. The idea behind the gift-for-purchase promotion is to give customers unforgettable branded gifts after purchasing a specific group of products.

It is an effective advertising tool that allows the attraction of potential customers and motivates them to make this purchase.

Free shipping

Free shipping remains one of the most critical factors that online shoppers expect from retailers today. And businesses that find a way to meet that customer need can expect an increase in average order value and repeated purchases in the future.

Samples of goods

The purpose of the campaign is to familiarize buyers with the actual products, create a positive impression and push the buyer to make a purchase and become a follower of the product in the future. Sampling is one of the common types of sales promotion, effectively used in the case of both initial and re-launch of a product to the market.

Do you want to know more about this? Go to the article:


Various promotions and special offers are a great way to increase sales. This marketing tool benefits businesses in a variety of ways.

It is not a complete list of ideas that will attract visitors to the store and increase sales. In each area of retail, you can come up with a dozen more creative actions to increase response, reach, and achieve better results. It is worth combining offline and online tools, constantly analyzing the reaction and needs of the target audience. A careful calculation of marketing campaigns will help you grow your business.

Remember that each of the listed points can be adapted for you by coming up with an even more exciting version of its implementation.